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10" Boston fern hanging basket. Boston Ferns are easy to care for and are great for purifying the air in your house! Outdoors, this plant does well in shade. Indoors, it does best in indirect sunlight. Hardy from zones 10-12

Hanging Baskets - Boston Fern

SKU: 0006
    • Simple Easy Care Plants: With proper care your Boston Fern could live for years! See the description for proper care.
    • Environment: Boston Ferns grow best with high humidity and indirect sunlight (or indoor light!)
    • Watering: As Boston Ferns like high humidity make sure to give it a misting. Make sure to keep the soil moist, however do not allow the soil to become oversaturated.
    • Health Benefits: Boston Ferns cleanse indoor air by removing toxins (toluene and xylene), in addition to the stress relief and mood improving affects associated with plants!