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  • Where are you located?
    Our garden center is located at 1681 Neeses HWY, Orangeburg, South Carolina.
  • What are your business ours?
    Monday to Saturday: 8AM to 7PM Sunday: 8AM to 4PM Holiday hours may be different. We will keep it updated.
  • How are your products delivered?
    We offer free delivery up to 150 miles when your order is $350 and up. Right now we don't have shipping services. Local pick up is welcome. Please find accurate information on each product.
  • Are the pictures of plants and trees taken in your garden center?
    No. They are from the Internet and just for reference.
  • Are the prices final on your site?
    Sorry but we have to add tax (7%).
  • Do you plant trees for your clients?
    Yes with a fee on most of our products. Please check each product for accurate information.
  • Where are your policies?
    Our terms and conditions as well as privacy policy are located at the foot area. Howerver, you can find answers to most of your questions here.
  • What is your return policy?
    We accept returns with no cash refund. You will get a replacement.
  • Do you have detailed description for each product?
    We are trying to. Too many products to work on and we will get there. Do your home work by googling your favorite.
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